3 Lessons You Might Learn If You Work and Travel at the Same Time

You’ve probably read all about uninspired 9-to-5ers who ditched the office to become digital nomads. The stories make leaving the corporate grind to travel and work for yourself sound like a dream come true. But if you don’t plan on being on the move permanently, what happens when you settle down? Does it hurt your

Fasting: health benefits and risks

Fasting is commonly associated with the month of Ramadan. As you read this, billions of Muslims around the world are engaging in this declaration of faith that involves abstaining from food and drink from dawn until dusk. While fasting for Ramadan is down to spiritual beliefs, many of us choose to fast with the belief

The Cabbage Soup Diet: Does It Work? Is It Safe?

If you’re looking to lose weight, the premise of the cabbage soup diet can be pretty appealing. Proponents of the diet claim that you can drop anywhere up to pounds in a single week by simply swapping your regular foods for ample amounts of cabbage soup, fruits and vegetables. Like other fad diets, it’s designed

How to Back Up iPhone Data to an External Drive

A recent incident reminded me of the importance of backing up one’s phone regularly. Soon after carrying my recycling out to the curbside, I realized I had misplaced my 6-month-old iPhone. Cue brief panic, followed by deep concern that I’d somehow tossed my device into that transparent bag I’d left outside for the world to

25 Companies With Tons of Room for Growth

You never want to feel like you’ve reached the limit on your career—especially when you’re just getting started. You want to know that that are plenty of opportunities to learn, improve, and advance with your employer. You want to feel encouraged and invested in, rather than stuck, unsupported, and unnoticed. Fortunately, there are plenty of

How I Landed a Job With Great Work-Life Balance

Our mission here at The Muse is simple: to help you find your dream job. So, there’s nothing we love more than hearing about it when you do! Today, we chatted with LaTanya Elam, a Public Health Financial Analyst with Graham Technologies. LaTanya was looking for a job where she could continue to expand her

Sugar and carbs are the obesity culprits, not lack of exercise

Bad diet is a lifestyle cause of obesity, but a lack of exercise is not, says an editorial reviewing controversial questions about this established health risk. The article published in a journal from The BMJ says the problem “cannot be outrun by exercise.” Commercial messages that say sugar and carbs are OK as long as you exercise

Water Intoxication: How Much Water Is Too Much?

There’s no doubt about it, drinking enough water to stay hydrated is important for many reasons — such as preventing fatigue, regulating blood pressure and even controlling hunger. But can you have too much water? The answer is yes, you definitely can. In fact, water intoxication (a severe form of hyponatremia) is considered to be a life-threatening

Android P Tackles Phone Addiction, Distraction

Google on Tuesday revealed some major new features in the next version of its Android operating system for mobile devices. Now in public beta, the OS known as “Android P” includes features designed to address growing concerns about phone addiction and distraction. For example, a dashboard will show users how often, when and for how