10 Easy Ways to Spend Less Money on Food in 2019

As you gear up for the new year, we’re guessing that the task of tackling your budget is top of mind. How much should you spend in 2019? Can you spend less than you did in 2018 — and therefore, save more? A great place to start is by looking at the food that you

How to Save Money: 20 Insanely Simple Tips

Sometimes saving money requires hard work and intense discipline. And we applaud those that are fighting hard to pay off debt or build up their savings. But sometimes saving money can be easy! That’s why we’ve compiled a list of super simple, easy-to-implement ways you can start saving money right now. Don’t worry—just because they’re

20 Ways to Cut Monthly Expenses

To minimize the damage caused on a monthly basis, many people look for ways to cut expenses that are both easy to implement and effective. Here are a few ways to save money that you can try one by one without too much hassle, but offer the potential to save huge sums of cash over

Dive into Great Lakes history in Northern Michigan

A first visit to one of the Great Lakes redefines ideas of what a lake can be. The deep, cold waters stretch out as far as the eye can see toward a flat and limitless blue horizon. Freighters cross the depths; kayakers and swimmers splash in the shallows; and lighthouses dot the often treacherous shores.

Cycling Into Old Age to Stay Young?

It’s common knowledge that as we age, we begin to lose muscle mass, gain weight in certain areas and even see our immune systems slow down. But does it have to be this way? Perhaps not, according to new research on the benefits of cycling into old age. We already know that biking to work lowers

Antibiotic use has more unwanted effects than previously thought

We have known for some time that one of the unwanted side effects of taking antibiotics is their disruption of friendly microbes in the gut. But now a new study that takes a closer look suggests the consequences of long-term antibiotic use could be even far-more reaching than we thought. Antibiotics destroy cells in the

How Coca-Cola affects your body when you drink it

Sugary drinks are considered a major contributor to health conditions such as obesity, type 2 diabetes and tooth decay. But have you ever wondered exactly what these beverages do to your body after consumption? One researcher has created an infographic that explains what happens to the body within an hour of drinking a can of